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  • we are still preparing this site and will be fully launching it on 1st december.
    till then you can surf it and join it also. near to 1st december it will be indexed by the search engines .
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    Vedic Agni-hotra (0)
    Agni-hotra is an integral part of the Vedic Heritage. Literally, Agni-hotra is the sacrificial fire, which is of three kinds: Gaarhapatya, Aahavaniya and Dakshina. The Vedas stand for the true knowledge, both physical and transcendental. The Vedic teachings are based on the intuition of the man, who meditated upon the Truth or Absolute to know what Paramaatman, Jivatman and Prakriti mean. Therefore the Vedas are said to be the guideline for Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha, which can be attained through Purushartha and Praarabhdha. Purushartha stands for the actions based on morality, ethics and religious obligations. 
    The Arya Samaj and its Motives by priya singh (0)
    More than a century ago, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati founded a new religious and social reform movement. A movement that strived to revive the Vedic Way of Life. A movement that preached love, justice and righteousness towards all without distinction to race, cast or creed. A movement whose main goal was to make this world noble. The 10th of April 1875 saw the foundation of the first ever Arya Samaj – a Samaj that was primarily formed on the basis of intellectual thinking and differentiating Truth from Untruth. 
    Does GOD Incarnate? by Jai Mahadev (0)
    God is unborn (never takes birth) and never dies. God neither comes into the body nor ever leaves it. God is VISHNU, which means all-pervading. His Nature is eternal, which means that all His qualities are eternal. His qualities, or names, are unchangeable, which means that He is eternally indestructible (ADITI). God is SATCHITANAND, which means He is Always-Existing, Always-Conscious, and Always-Blissful (unimaginably happy). God is formless (AKAYAM), but since He is all-pervading He assumes all forms, which simply means that He fills all space, all time, all matter (yet remains beyond it and is therefore distinct from all this). God is the essence of every living and non-living thing. In fact, we don’t even need to use the word ‘God’, as we can simply say the ‘Essence’.
    The Work Of An Arya (1)
    Those human beings who are living a life of simplicity, with wisdom and devotion, are Aryas (good human beings). Those who are breaking the principles of non-violence, who are engaged in a constant battle to establish the supremacy of their little ego—they are known as Un-Aryas (fools), and they are being slaughtered in the world of Samsara, they are being cut to pieces, they are falling apart, they are running for cover (looking for an image to hide behind, to mask their own lies and self-deception). But sooner or later they must come out from behind their mask. The ego must be removed.
    Why Every Arya MUST Be a Vegetarian ?? (0)
    Every Arya must be a vegetarian because it is our real nature to be a vegetarian, and to go against our real nature is to go against our Dharma.

    By ‘real nature’ is meant our Higher Nature, the nature of Atman (soul). Our real nature is to be non-violent. It is violent to kill animals and other creatures for our food, and to do so is a violation of the law of our being. ..

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