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    Why Every Arya MUST Be a Vegetarian ??
    Why Every Arya MUST Be a Vegetarian ?
     Arya Putra 

    Every Arya must be a vegetarian because it is our real nature to be a vegetarian, and to go against our real nature is to go against our Dharma.

    By ‘real nature’ is meant our Higher Nature, the nature of Atman (soul). Our real nature is to be non-violent. It is violent to kill animals and other creatures for our food, and to do so is a violation of the law of our being. 

    We are not carnivores, nor are we omnivores; we are herbivores, which is proven by the design of our bodies. It is also proven by our natural abhorrence of violence. We disguise our violence in many ways but we cannot escape the laws of nature. Nature is very unforgiving. 

    Just as our body physically rejects meat, so too does our mind. First, let us consider our five senses: (1) and (2) Eyes and ears: we don’t like to see the animals as they are being killed and we don’t want to hear their cries as they are slaughtered. It is typical for towns and cities to pass ordinances requiring the slaughtered animals to be transported in covered vehicles, because people do not want to view the blood soaked, decapitated bodies. However, everyone loves to see the colorful fruits and vegetables displayed on billboards and other advertisements. But they only show the animals before they are slaughtered, or after they are sliced and diced and wrapped in shiny plastic. (3)Smell: the smell of dead things is repulsive, unlike the fragrant smell of fresh fruits. (4)Touch: we have a natural dislike for touching dead things, but no one minds picking apples or peeling bananas. (5)Taste: Hardly anyone will enjoy or relish eating uncooked and unseasoned meat. Only carnivores and omnivores naturally enjoy ripping a bloody body into pieces and devouring it. It is completely unnatural for human beings to do this. 

    Now, regarding the mind: It is natural for the human mind to recoil at the thought of killing a helpless creature and eating it. Little children who learn to sing "Old Mc Donald had a farm, eeeaye, eeaye ‘O. . .” find it incomprehensible that the cow-burger (renamed ‘hamburger’) came about by killing a helpless cow; or that ‘bacon’ is really strips of dead pig, or that hotdogs and ‘cold-meats’ are made from slaughterhouse scraps comprised of lungs, hearts, genitals, and other miscellaneous body parts. 

    Children are brainwashed from an early age into believing that the food they eat is natural and did not cause any pain or suffering to the creatures they unwittingly eat. If children knew from the very beginning what they were eating, they might be unwilling to eat it. But with all the propaganda and lies spread by McDonalds, Burger King, and others—not to mention the misinformation entrenched in the educational system and the ignorance propounded in the name of religion and culture—it is no wonder we remain in dense darkness and continue to perpetrate and perpetuate the violence. 

    The violence (in the form of the systematic slaughter of innocent animals) has created generations of people suffering from incurable diseases and mental problems. We are paying for our karma. We have done it to ourselves. When we ignore the basic principles of non-violence it becomes impossible to solve the wider global problems. If one cannot add 2 plus 2, how will one solve a difficult problem of trigonometry? 

    Human beings can never be happy with themselves so long as they are betraying themselves. We cannot go against our true nature and think we will find the Truth. It is impossible to know the Truth if we are untruthful, and we are untruthful to ourselves when we deny our real nature and try to justify our bad habits, unhealthy desires, and wrong customs. 

    We are Aryas. We are noble people. We are good human beings who act consciously and with due deliberation. Look into the big gentle eyes of the cow before it is slaughtered and try to tell your self it is okay. You cannot do that. Watch the tears in the mother cow’s eyes as her calf is taken away from her to be slaughtered and sold as veal. Listen to the human-sounding squeals of pigs or other animals as they scream in horror while being slaughtered to satisfy your taste. Like a true Arya, you must NOT be a participant in this cruelty. 

    This is why every Arya MUST be a vegetarian. OM

    Arya Putra

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