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Forum » General » great people » You should be the next ideal (This world if full of stupidity)
You should be the next ideal
AryaDate: Monday, 2011-12-05, 12:56 PM | Message # 1
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Namaste to everyone!

I have borned.You have borned.He is borned.She is borned.
I will die.You will die.He will die.She will die.

About Shri Ram:
He was borned.He died.

About Shri Krishna:
He was borned.He died.

About Chandragupta:
He was borned.He died.

About Maharshi Dayanand:
He was borned.He die.

About Swami Shraddhanand:
He was borned.He died.

......................The list keeps on going.But the common thing is that they were first borned and then died.

One more common thing is that they were great.But there are some physical analogy between them and us.
Ram,Krishna ,Chandragupta,Dayanand etc. had two eyes,two noses,two lips(not three),one tongue,two chicks(not three),one throat(not two),two lungs,one heart,one liver,two kidneys,one pancreas,one stomach,two intestines,two legs(not three).
So it is now proved that your body and the body of the great persons was the same.Also,they were having only one mind(not three,four etc.)
But there is one more similarity.The soul which Bhagwan Ram,Krishna etc. were having you are having the same.But what's the difference between you,I and greats.The one and only difference is "Hard work".The great persons were hard workers.But you know how many hours you sleep in the day time even alongwith night.They build their character to be as large as possible.And they succeeded.So you can also become a great one just by doing hard work in building your character.

Don't you want to become great?

Think,if you will become great,having a good character,good work,follower of truth,a Yogi then how would it be for you? surprised

According to a book named "Aryoddyeshyaratnamala" by the Last reformer following definitions should be remembered and worked according to.

(1)Animal(Pashu)who do not think before doing,stupids etc. tongue

(2)Man(Manushya):The one who does any work only after thinking by logic. happy

(3)Great man(Arya):The one who has all of the bright qualities. surprised

Do you want to remain or becoe an animal?You should reply to me:NO. angry

Do you wantto become a human?You should reply to me:Yea biggrin

Do you want to become great?You should reply to me:Yes. cool

So do not wait for anything.Make hurry.Time will not wait for you.He just passes away.tick tick tick......... cry

Who know when will you die.You can die after three years,one year,orn 6 months,or one month or one week or one day or 1 hour or one minute orr next second you will die. wacko

Suppose you thogut to become an Arya today.And you are going to start your preparation next day.So this story is useful for you :
There was a boy named Vinay.He went to Gujarat in 2001.There he came in contact with some aryas.He thoght to become an Arya.It was the day one.He thought today wbecome somwhat Arya.But suddenly the door started shivering,and the roof fell on Vinay cry ,the land was divided into two.So there is not time for death.It can come right now surprised .So from this moment you should become whatever you want to become.


Vinay Arya(Thanks a lot I did not die biggrin ).
Forum » General » great people » You should be the next ideal (This world if full of stupidity)
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